Happy New Year 2023 from Colorful Notion!

After soft launching Polkaholic.io in 2022, we are working on a few different things to kick off 2023:

  • Substrate-ETL — exposing the Polkaholic index in a BigQuery public dataset. In 2022, we found a dozen or so active Polkaholic API users relying on several streams of data systematically and concluded BigQuery was a better way to deliver data systematically. If you are a heavy Polkaholic API user, see this new repo and see if you can use this way of systematically getting a Polkadot/Kusama data instead of individual API calls (or asking us for CSV dumps). We are looking for feedback on how to get this maximally usable for everyone, please find us!
  • XCM Global Asset Registry — In 2022, we indexed dozens of asset registries in the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem, and ended up with a pretty good mapping of all the different ways chains refer to the same asset. Its very hard to keep up with the daily changes that everyone does. So in 2023, we aim to make this a community effort. If you work on XCM registries, check out this repo and if you can, offer to help please!
  • Adding Third Party API Calls to Polkadot.js apps — In 2022, we found it really hard to keep up with the rapid innovations of dozens of parachain teams and realized it would be more fruitful + ultimately realistic to develop a more open API + plugin architecture. See this issue for what we mean, which we think can be crazy awesome in the not too distant future. We are working on this as part of Zombienet Explorer and as part of Astar’s dAppStaking program, adding a lot of missing WASM/EVM/XCM functionality with Polkaholic API calls. The endpoint of this might be that polkaholic.io is just like polkadot.js apps but with a lot of third-party API calls and some key dapp functionality to make your multi-chain life slightly less discombobulated =)

We are more excited than ever than to contribute and participate in the future with you. Please find us on Matrix and lets make 2023 as high impact as we can together!



Developers of polkaholic.io, a multichain indexer of Polkadot + Kusama ecosystems.

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